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Notice Disclaimer

Commitment to Sustainability At Hospitality IDS, our vision extends beyond immediate transactions. We’re invested in creating enduring relationships – with our suppliers, producers, and customers – anchored on the mutual aspiration of conserving our planet for forthcoming generations. We’re steadfast in our commitment to guaranteeing the welfare of all our associates, diminishing environmental footprint, and upholding a balanced pricing model by amplifying efficiencies and curtailing wastage. For deeper insights into our sustainability practices, we invite you to explore our website: hospitalityids.com.


Authentic Finish Clarification: At Hospitality IDS, we take pride in presenting authentic finishes across diverse wood types. This finish is intentionally sheer to ensure the innate attributes of the chosen wood aren’t obscured. Every wooden piece is distinct, akin to individual fingerprints. Variations can be seen in shade, grain pattern, and texture. Certain woods, like Maple and Cherry, inherently have diverse grain distributions, causing distinctions within the same piece and across different pieces. At Hospitality IDS, we embrace these organic characteristics, not deeming them flaws. As such, we won’t replace products because of these natural aspects. Moreover, some finishes, especially the lighter ones, might react to ultraviolet rays, causing slight changes in hue. Given these organic responses in wood with authentic finishes, they aren’t deemed as imperfections, and replacements due to these natural responses won’t be entertained.


Consistent Finish Advisory: Owing to the inherent nature of wood, environmental influences, and materials evolution, Hospitality IDS can’t promise exact replication of finishes on furniture that was ordered previously. If you desire an exact match, it’s imperative to explicitly state this so we can adopt the necessary steps to assure the desired outcome. If these steps aren’t observed, we won’t be held accountable for the finish outcomes. We retain the autonomy to refine our finish formula, especially if we discern it elevates the caliber or aesthetic of our offerings.


Customized Finishes: Hospitality IDS has the expertise to craft finishes tailored to your exact specifications. This service may involve additional costs and mandates written consent.


Finish Samples: The finishes illustrated here serve as a general representation. For tangible samples, please reach out to Hospitality IDS at 281-972-5220.