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Hotel Interior Design

Excellence in Hotel Interior Design and Franchise Submittals

Unleashing the Potential of Outside Vendors for FF&E

At Hospitality IDS, we specialize in hotel interior design and excel at creating franchise submittals, enabling the use of outside vendors for FF&E.

  • Assessing your hotel’s interior design needs and generating a detailed design program document.
  • Keeping you informed and prepared throughout the entire process by sharing our knowledge and expertise.
  • Collaborating with other consultants and companies to ensure a successful and cohesive design plan, while remaining flexible to accommodate any changes during the planning phase.
  • Creating a working space plan and initial design direction for your hotel project, with a focus on maintaining your brand identity and vision.
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Our Services

Solutions for every hotel

Delivering comprehensive hotel solutions – architecture, interior design, franchise submittals, and procurement – expertly tailored to elevate every guest experience.


Discover the art of transforming spaces, where architectural expertise meets visionary design.

Interior Design

Crafting captivating interiors that blend form and function, creating unforgettable experiences for hotel guests.

Franchise Submittals

Expertly navigating franchise requirements, delivering seamless submittals and unlocking greater flexibility in FF&E procurement.


Streamlining the sourcing process, delivering exceptional value with customized solutions and preferred vendor partnerships.

How We Work

At Hospitality IDS, we understand the importance of budget and strive to make the most cost-effective decisions while maintaining exceptional quality. Our vast knowledge of materials and their costs allows us to value-engineer items to suit your design concept. We help you establish a realistic budget that incorporates the essential design elements into your new hotel space.

Why Choose to Work with Us

We recognize the significance of the adage “time is money,” which is why we invest considerable effort in initial planning and budget development. These elements serve as a tool for establishing the time aspect of your project. With this information, we can estimate the hours required to complete the design processes.

Choose Hospitality IDS for a seamless, all-encompassing hotel interior design experience that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Identifying your hotel’s space requirements and documenting them in a design program.
  • Evaluating the impact of growth on your hotel’s space needs.
  • Educating you about the design and construction process to ensure you are prepared.
  • Understanding the costs and time involved in your project.
  • Creating an initial budget that aligns with your goals.
  • Identifying additional consultants and companies necessary for the successful execution of your hotel’s interior design.
  • Developing a hypothetical space plan and initial design direction tailored to your hotel’s unique needs.
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