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Mastering Hampton Inn’s Design Platform with Hospitality IDS

Introducing Our Edge:
At Hospitality IDS, our in-depth knowledge and seasoned experience serving prestigious brands, especially Hampton Inn, sets us apart. With our comprehensive skill set in interior design, franchise submittals, procurement, and adept FFE management, we affirm our commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry.

Spotlight: Project HUB
Delve into the technological advancement with Hilton’s Project HUB – a beacon of progress, precision, and partnership. This digital realm is an innovation specially crafted for the AD&C teams, promising streamlined operations and bolstering the brand reputation of Hampton Inn franchises.

Features at a Glance:

  • Real-time Submission: Say goodbye to tedious emails. Project HUB’s intuitive dashboard offers stakeholders a smooth experience while providing a transparent submission progress view.
  • Easy Access: Simple invitations via email, tailored for each project, make the onboarding process effortless.
  • For Hilton’s Team: A dedicated platform for internal reviews and feedback, ensuring content aligns with Hampton Inn’s impeccable standards.

Essential Elements for Success:
Our designs are anchored on two pillars:

  1. Detailed Drawings: Every project demands precision – whether it’s about scale, labels, or alignment with specifications.
  2. Technical Specifications: Our keen eye ensures each element not just meets, but often surpasses brand expectations. Visual references accentuate our commitment to design consistency and aesthetic brilliance.

Support Always at Hand:
Should you have any concerns, Project HUB FAQs are a treasure trove of information. For more specialized inquiries, dedicated Hilton support is just an email away.

Digital Age Transition:
With Project HUB, Hampton Inn stands at the cusp of the future. The emphasis on clear digital images is transforming the design landscape, with tangible samples becoming a relic of the past.

Conclusion and Invitation:
Project HUB signifies a renaissance in franchise submissions and design approval mechanisms. Entrust Hospitality IDS, and watch us work our magic, ensuring your Hampton Inn venture is a beacon of excellence and a memorable guest experience.

Let Us Handle the Details

The hotel design domain is intricate, but you needn’t get entangled in its web. With Hospitality IDS as your partner, every nuance, every specification is our responsibility. Revel in our vast experience and unparalleled dedication that promises brand alignment and design perfection. Focus on the grand vision, while we transform the intricate details into tangible masterpieces.

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